Join us in celebrating and exploring the expansion of the Three Principles in Europe and beyond while at the same time deepening your own level of understanding


…celebrating the richness of LIFE

Albir_Beach[1]VIVA 2018

3rd-5th November

The VIVA event has proven itself over the past 2 years to be an outstanding event of connection, joyful expression, fun and presence. This year’s  VIVA – 2018 – event promises another unique opportunity to feel life unfolding in the moment.

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"It's been such an incredible experience...such a deep, beautiful weekend. Everyone, to me, has just grown exponentially."

Karen Williams May 9, 2016

Join us for this wonderful Three Principles based event to celebrate and explore the living joy that is available within us all; connecting in a way that brings us together in a powerful shared experience

  • Magical!     Sharing our experiences of living, sharing, and teaching the Three Principles.
  • Joyful!         Participating in lively groups, often moving and always inspiring,
  • Heartfelt!  Connecting and deepening relationships and forging new links
  • Amazing!   Hearing from a wide range of grounded, experienced and generous like-minded  people.
  • Inspiring!   Discovering the latest news about the expansion of principle-based work in Europe and beyond, hearing first-hand just what is possible.
  • Priceless!    The side effect of listening with no pre-conceived notions – a deepening of our own level of understanding.                                                                                                                        

FUN at VIVA 2015

Who is the VIVA Event for?

The VIVA Event is for you if you believe in living and working with peace of mind and ease, improving the quality of your own and others’ lives and enjoying simpler and easier loving relationships.

Whether you are a practitioner, a health/well being professional, teacher or simply an explorer of life The VIVA event is a gathering for you.

VIVA offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in your pre-existing foundation of resiliency, buoyancy and compassion, becoming freer of the too-often experienced doubt, overwhelm and insecurity.

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"It's been more than I imagined it would be. Beautifully organised but with a lightness to it."

Mandy Spray May 9, 2016

It’s a gathering where new bonds will be created, ideas cultivated and support available for anyone who is sharing the Principles or has simply felt the transformative nature in their own lives.

Across 3 days there will be:

  • plenary panel presentations
  • break-out groups
  • group discussions led by individual speakers and panels
  • VIVA surprises (may involve Spanish dancing, singing and who knows what?)
  • Optional yoga every morning
  • time to meet and build deep connections with fellow participants
  • long breaks in the afternoon

Yes, most importantly, time built in to allow your insights to emerge and your mind to settle. As Sydney Banks used to suggest ……… don’t think about this, don’t talk about it, go take a walk alongside the ocean and let it all go.  Albir in Spain offers you just that opportunity. It is the perfect setting for you to go walk along the Mediterranean shore, bump into new friends, stop at a pavement café, explore the rugged mountain ranges within a guided group and take time to watch the world go by. You can soak up the sunshine, drink in the glorious sea air, and taste the elixir of LIFE.

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Each day will begin with a presentation panel of speakers. We then have a further morning session that will include a choice of two or three breakout sessions, led by a speaker individually, or together with a co-presenter .

After the morning sessions you have freedom to do as you please – an opportunity to allow what has been shared to settle.  What that looks like is of your own choosing:  get to know people, wander into a pavement cafe, relax on the beach or by the pool, explore the lovely locality – there’s a great walk up to the lighthouse with fabulous views – the choice is yours.

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"Without any hesitation I just said yes, there was no question in my mind ... just this certainty that this was going to be a pioneering event in Europe."

Jacquie Forde May 9, 2016

The idea is not to cram you full of information, but to allow you the space to just see what happens.  We have used this format on retreats in the past, and the feedback has been a gratitude for the time.  The VIVA event is all about your well being and we have planned it accordingly – we hope you agree 🙂

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 "Everybody's got to come to Viva... the feelings in the room, the camaraderie, the togetherness... the feeling of oneness is palpable. To be part of that is going to help people to have a shift, to soar..."

Sue Lachman May 9, 2016

The evening sessions will be a mixture of break out sessions and surprises!

Three gentle, fun and deeply connected days to explore and continue to learn more about the essential single paradigm that facilitates a new foundational understanding of mental health and wellbeing.


And all in the bright and warm climate of Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain



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We are so looking forward to welcoming you to the VIVA Event 2018

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"It's about love, loving yourself and loving others. Just come here and hang out with these people..come to VIVA it's amazing."

Fredrik Kinnman May 9, 2016

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A fantastic, marvellous time...absolutely magical

Amanda O'Shea May 9, 2016

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"You get a deeper understanding every time you hear another person talking. It's a good way to get an easier way of life."

Thomas Lund May 9, 2016

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"I would recommend it for the connection and the laughter, the simplicity...the lightness of being."

Gillian Fox May 9, 2016

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"It's deepened my understanding of what love really is."

Tony Arribas May 9, 2016

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"It feels like lots of shooting stars that sparkle around don't know what it's a nice feeling."

Marita Forsvid Lund May 9, 2016