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Albir_Beach[1]VIVA 2017

4th-6th November

Last year’s VIVA event was an outstanding event of connection, joyful expression, fun and presence. This year’s  VIVA – 2016 – event promises another unique opportunity to feel life unfolding in the moment.

"Without any hesitation I just said yes, there was no question in my mind ... just this certainty that this was going to be a pioneering event in Europe."


Join us for this wonderful Three Principles based event to celebrate and explore the living joy that is available within us all; connecting in a way that brings us together in a powerful shared experience

  • Magical!     Sharing our experiences of living, sharing, and teaching the Three Principles.
  • Joyful!         Participating in lively groups, often moving and always inspiring,
  • Heartfelt!  Connecting and deepening relationships and forging new links
  • Amazing!   Hearing from a wide range of grounded, experienced and generous like-minded  people.
  • Inspiring!   Discovering the latest news about the expansion of principle-based work in Europe and beyond, hearing first-hand just what is possible.
  • Priceless!    The side effect of listening with no pre-conceived notions – a deepening of our own level of understanding.                                                                                                                        

FUN at VIVA 2015

 "Everybody's got to come to Viva... the feelings in the room, the camaraderie, the togetherness... the feeling of oneness is palpable. To be part of that is going to help people to have a shift, to soar..."


And all in the bright and warm climate of Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain



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We are so looking forward to welcoming you to the VIVA Event 2016


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"It's about love, loving yourself and loving others. Just come here and hang out with these people..come to VIVA it's amazing."


A fantastic, marvellous time...absolutely magical


"You get a deeper understanding every time you hear another person talking. It's a good way to get an easier way of life."


"I would recommend it for the connection and the laughter, the simplicity...the lightness of being."