Anni Poole’s passion for education and for the well -being of children and youth has been her driver for 40 years, in schools across Lancashire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, England. She has over two decades of leadership experience as a principal within UK schools. Her resiliency was tested daily and she observed how colleagues often stretched themselves far beyond their limits. Anni found herself seeking training in coaching and counselling, to support her colleagues and herself.

Anni sees a great need for resilience in education, this is one of the reasons she co-founded a 3P coaching business HLS (Head teacher Leadership Services) in 2013, already having a total of eight years as a leadership coach across the North of England. The service is guided by the needs of the school leaders and offers a range of training and coaching across the whole school community, including administrators, governors, teachers, children and families to name a few.

We are all in this hopeful and resilient vessel together! Anni declares.


In 2013 Anni trained internationally with Michael Neill for 18 months. She was then mentored by Dr Judy Sedgeman, creating an online resource together around the Three Principles in education. Anni continues to deepen her grounding, learning how to simplify the principles in action- in life! The 3P’s are having an amazing impact on her life, allowing her to cycle as far and as fast as her Grandson Harry. Well, almost! Harry is Anni’s film director for her training movies for Kids.

Anni and Harry helped to fundraise to build a school in Liberia Africa. Anni shared the principles at the Firestone school on the edge of the African rainforest in May 2014. Together, she and Harry continue to support the children and Anni shares training materials around the principles, with the children and staff.

Anni volunteers for a local mental health board, offers pro bono 1:1 coaching to students and has created a coaching programme for 3 -13 year olds, ARC (Amazing Resilient Children and youth). This has been delivered to over 300 10-11 year olds. Anni has written a children’s book (not yet published) and is currently volunteering with the Center for Sustainable Change in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is a global non- profit organisation dedicated to promoting the Three Principles of Mind Thought and consciousness among communities. She is a founder member of 3PTrue North UK.

Anni can be found at    and   @Anni Poole

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