Janet Rhynie is an intuitive, spiritual and yet analytical educator, assisting people to realise and understand the operating system behind all human experience so they can experience their own peace of mind, unlimited confidence and untapped potential at will. As the UK’s leading Quantum Coach, her approach creates change that does not have smooth and continuous but an result in insight results in leaps of their understanding of a situation or perceived problem.

Janet’s compassion and desire for women to experience the very best life they could was and is at the heart of her 20 year journey of using imagination and creativity to design and deliver courses, training and residential programmes for women from all walks of life.

In seeking the best approaches and techniques to utilise during her facilitation and teaching, Janet added many accreditation and certifications to her coaching arsenal including becoming a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), she became increasingly uncomfortable with her clients’ lack of long-term success.

However, Janet’s own quantum leap came when she stumbled across three fundamental principles and a single paradigm helping her to realise the person she felt she needed to help was herself! With this paradigm shift Janet was able to rediscover the essence behind our own identity and the single paradigm operating system behind all human experience.

Since that revelation Janet has been sharing, education and encouraging women and men to experience this realisation for themselves so they can see the truth behind the issues, problems and situations that occur in life.

Constantly looking for the essence within her own life situations, Janet continues to see more clearly and have a deeper understanding of this operating system within her own life. With this experience and clarity of understanding, Janet shares the best of what she understands to assist her clients to find the answers they seek within themselves.

As well as being a trailblazing Coach, Janet is also an International Speaker, Mentor and Facilitator and is leading the global movement to have more people be able to access all they think is missing by understanding more of who they truly are.