Joan Gaya

Joan Gaya is a respected authority on the 3 Principles in the Spanish-speaking world. He is the founder of, the first website for the 3 Principles in Spanish and the creator of Sin Limites, an online school for the 3 Principles.

In 2012 Joan made a radical change in his life, leaving everything he knew to go on both a physical journey across Southeast Asia and a spiritual journey within to connect to his true self. It was on this journey of personal growth that Joan discovered the world of coaching and came to know the work of Michael Neill and the 3 Principles.

Since 2015 Joan has dedicated his time to supporting his clients to transform their lives, using the 3 Principles understanding as the cornerstone of his approach. In his group workshops and personal coaching, Joan helps people to understand the nature of thought and the way in which our thoughts generate our experience of life, in his work with his clients he explores the great impact this understanding can have in their lives.

Joan Gaya, is also the founder of the online academy, coach at the University of Valencia and Coach collaborator in associations EVAP and AJEV amongst others. You can connect with Joan through his website: