Jonathan ShaddockJonathan Shaddock first came across Divine Mind when he was 11 years of age when he experienced a life changing meditative state, having visited a church in the quiet of the evening.

Since then, he has felt called to share this experience  with others for healing and a happier way of living in the world.

He worked as a pastor in ministry  for 25 years, helping people to discover who they really are, on a soul level, beyond their sufferings and anxious thinking. During this time, Jonathan qualified as a counsellor/ psychotherapist and worked with individuals and groups living with depression , anxiety and spiritual crisis, as well as other psychological, relational  and emotional struggles.

Whilst this work was profoundly satisfying, Jonathan was left with an intuitive sense that both the rituals of worship and the techniques of therapy left many people wanting more and was conscious of this in his own life too.

A number of  unfolding synchronistic events five years ago  led Jonathan to the discovery of the  Principles. Since training both in formal and informal settings, as well as reading, attending conferences, webinars and most of all the discovery of a ‘quiet mind’, Jonathan has used the Principles as the foundation of all his work with others.

Jonathan continues his work as a counsellor and coach and also works as a holistic therapist, offering mind and body treatments for wellbeing. Beyond anything external, Jonathan is noticing more and more that when he stays in touch with his inner, self beyond and before any  therapies, his clients and patients discover their true nature and the gift of a quiet mind with life changing consequences. He witnesses much healing on a daily level, often subtle but at times profound.

Jonathan  has attended and been part of Viva for the past three years. In this relaxed and inspiring atmosphere he has forged many wonderful friendships and feels very honoured to be part of the team who offer insights that might be helpful to others as our consciousness rises.

If you would like to get in touch, you can email Jonathan on