Lise Dandanell became a three principles facilitator in 2013 and offers uniquely designed workshops and seminars, calling upon her extensive musical understanding, as well as her deeply intuitive sense of others and great love for people.

Prior to this, Lise enjoyed a prolific musical career starting in 1981- working in many bands including the funk band, “Crew”, funk big band, “Blast”, the Danish Radio Big Band and Tolvan big band. She worked with other various orchestras and bands and also contributed to television and radio programs and CD recordings. These included the Danish version of the title tune for the movie Lion King and sang and spoke in the film Lady and the Tramp. Lise composed music for “Blast”, the gospel choir “Unity” and the Danish præst’s John Møllehave’s children’s Bible.

Lise trained with Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson’s personal song coach) in 1995 in Los Angeles and between 2003-2007 was employed as a singing teacher at the National Theatre School. Her first solo single was published in 2012. Lise taught as a voice training and communication consultant, as well as a professional therapeutic consultant, training in Body and Gestalt therapy, individual psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, individual and group therapy and has worked with clients, both in one to one sessions, groups, lectures and seminars.

Lise has participated in various Three Principles seminars and trainings, including the Extended Professional Training with Dr Jack Pransky. Most recently in 2016, Lise attended a training retreat with Dr Jack Pransky and Gabriela Maldonado-Montano which focused on working one to one with clients.

Lise practices from her residence in Hillerød, as well as in Copenhagen, travels in Europe delivering training and worldwide via Skype

Lise Dandanell  Mobile: +45 2230 3001


Skype: lise.dandanell