Mick Tomlinson.  Before coming across the Three Principles, I did graphics and web design… I taught Tai Chi and Qi Gong… I trained as an NLP coach… I earnt very little money whilst living in rural Greece… I coped with a restrictive health condition… I felt isolated not straying far from my office… I ‘put on a brave face’ as I struggled with how to change my circumstances.

Since coming across the Principles, I do some graphics and web design… I teach some Tai Chi and Qi Gong… I do a little coaching… I earn very little money while appreciating living in rural Greece… I have been amazed at what there is to learn about myself through my slightly restricting health condition… I feel connected beyond the confines of the room I may be sitting in… I put on whatever face my thinking creates moment to moment – but it’s never to do with my circumstances.

I’m currently involved with collecting stories from people who have experienced significant change in their relationship to physical health challenges since coming across the Principles. I love how insights in that area can give great hope and even bring radical healing.