Rani BoraRani Bora is a Holistic Psychiatrist and Wellness Coach. She has recently given up her full time NHS job as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Rehabilitation and Recovery to work independently as well as pursue her passion in sharing about The Principles of Innate Health to a wider audience.

She had served as a Clinical Lead for Schwartz Centre Rounds for NHS staff to promote compassionate care and as an Associate Clinical Director in her previous role. She has conducted several training and coaching workshops for both staff and patients on the concept of coaching and recovery and psycho-education to list a few.

Rani has published articles and booklets on well-being, coaching for Mental Health Recovery and empowering people. As her own understanding about the “Inside-out” nature of human experiences continues to deepen, she is seeing more and more positive changes in her own life and in her patients and clients.

Dr Rani Bora

Psychiatrist, Wellness Coach and Speaker

Three Principles of Innate Health Educator