The VIVA event comprises lots of individual pieces to make the whole all with the intention of you experiencing as much as possible the well being that is available to you at all times.  An infusion of fun and inspiring activities, break- out sessions  and plenaries for learning, entertainment to tickle your taste buds, yoga to start your morning, a professional cameraman on hand to capture “in the moment” insights and much more.

We have done our best to give you a brief insight into what is on offer at VIVA 2017 through the pages of the website and sharing the programme below.  We also want to mention for our international attendees there are many other activities available “off the programme” such as the famous walk to the local lighthouse, beach front strolls, hillside walks and lots of other sightseeing opportunities.

And did we mention there might be a surprise or two?!

Scroll down to see the detailed programme





Lots of these smaller groups available over the 3 days where we encourage attendees to join in the conversation through sharing insights and asking questions.   An opportunity to dig into specific topics in a more intimate setting.   Choose which groups to join each morning.




A few of our speakers will share with the whole group from the main stage each day.



With Yoga Mark

Optional – 8am-9am every morning by donation

To register each morning at registration table



LiseWith Lise Dandanell – singer, artist and transformative coach – from Denmark

Lise works in a unique and intuitive way with groups and individuals, gently coaxing their inner voice from within bringing freedom from the self-imposed restrictions and barriers that too often inhibit living from the heart, such as…

  • Confidence
  • Self expression
  • Wellbeing
  • Communication
  • Public speaking

As Lise says, “My intention is to help people to be in any situation in the very best way without being disturbed by negative and limiting thoughts. ”

This magical and transformative workshop has the power to weave a spell to help participants to blossom and more fully express themselves.



22279113_10155731857328607_1465434742_oWith Film maker Julian Freeman

As I come across more and more amazing people who, when they see how life really works, get to live an extraordinary-ordinary life.  Not only have I been on the journey and helped guide people on theirs, but I have been filming since 2010.

The great thing about films like this is that people’s souls are captured and watching that helps you re-connect with who you are. It’s a simple tonic, but a most effective one. That’s why this film can do so much good, for anyone and everyone who watches.”

During this year’s Viva event we are offering you the chance to share your journey on film and experience a different way to re-connect with yourself.  It’s filming ‘In the Moment’

With your willingness to be filmed, together we can produce a powerful series of personal stories of transformation.

If you would like your own footage for your own use, Julian can do that by separate arrangement

We are really looking forward to seeing what unfolds with this fresh project.




With the duo New Big Bang

A brief taste of the Viva spirit –  we dare you not to move your feet!





With Clair Parsons

Get your dancing shoes on as Clair entertains us with some classics that will have your feet leading the way to the dance floor!  It’s definitely not about ability, it’s all about the desire!



A fun opportunity to connect and get to know your fellow attendees a little bit more!



Another opportunity to stay connected and hang out together over a shared meal with set price organized by the VIVA team.  Details shared at the reception desk on arrival.



8.00 - 9.00Optional Yoga Session with Yoga Mark
9.15 - 9.40Registration and sign up for break out groups
9.45 -Welcome & introductionwith VIVA team Sue and Sheela
10.00 -11.00What's It All AboutPlenary with Elsie
11.00 - 11.25COFFEE BREAK
11.30 - 12.05
Breakout Sessions
1. Deeper Grounding

Jonathan & Mandy
2. A New Understanding

Gillian & Maureen
3. Wellbeing

Amanda & Peter
12.15 - 12.50
Breakout Sessions
4. Resilience

Rani & Rudi
5. Self Care

Gabriela and Sheela
6. Relationships

Jenny & Sue
12.55 - 1.30
VIVA Intros
1.30 - 5.55FREE TIME
6.00 - 6.50Mental HealthPlenary with Rani & Jenny
6.55 - 7.25
Breakout Sessions
7. Listen for a Feeling

Elsie and Jonathan
8. Essential Truth

Rudi & Mark
9. Health of the Helper

Jack & Katja
7.30 - 8.00VIVA SURPRISE


8.00 - 9.00Optional Yoga Session with Yoga Mark
9.15 - 9.45Registration sign up for break out groups & Celebration Mealsign up for Filming in Moment with Julian
9.50Welcome & introductionwith VIVA team Sue and Sheela
10.00 -11.00Our True EssencePlenary with Jack and Rudi
11.00 - 11.25COFFEE BREAK
11.30 - 12.10
Breakout Sessions
1. Parenting

Mick & Sue
2. Leadership

Gabi and Marien
3. Beyond Identity

Katja & Gillian
12.15 - 12.45
Breakout Sessions
4. The Nature of Love

Amanda & Lise
5. Coaching

Rudi & Joan
6. Mental Wellbeing

Rani & Mandy
12.50 - 1.30
7. Physical Health

Mick & Katja
8. Relationships

Jonathan & Maureen
9. Transforming Community

Jenny & Dave
1.30 - 5.55FREE TIME
6.00 - 6.35
Breakout Sessions
10. Find Your Voice Workshop

Lise Dandanell
11. Money

Sheela & Joan
12. Education

Peter & Gabriela
6.40 - 7.10
Breakout Sessions
10. workshop continued

13. Business

Elsie & Rudi
14. Healing

Rani & Dave
7.20 - 8.00VIVA DANCERS with New Big Bang


8.00 - 9.00Optional Yoga Session with Yoga Mark
9.15 - 9.45Registration sign up for break out groups
9.50 Welcome & introductionwith VIVA team Sue and Sheela
10.00 -10.55Three Principles UnpluggedPlenary with Gabriela & Dave
11.00 - 11.25COFFEE BREAK
11.30 - 12.20Reflections

Katja & Mark


Amanda & Gill
Filming in the Moment

Julian Freeman
12.25 - 1.25
Sharing the Feelingmingling - sharing insights & reflections
1.30 - 5.55FREE TIME
6.00 - 6.50
You Are EnoughPlenary with Jack & Elsie
Closing comments

Team VIVA - Sue & Sheela

*subject to change