We are delighted to be able to share with you the video captured at The VIVA Event 2015 by Jenny Anderson and Rudi Kennard.  Many thanks to them and their hard work at the event.  We hope you enjoy and benefit from them.

Ian Watson – It takes no effort to be you

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orange-buy-now-buttonSue Lachman and Jacquie Forde – Wellbeing


Mette Louise Holland and Jacob Rebien – Relationships


Tony Fiedler and Dave Kibby – Business


Steve Adair and Mette Louise Holland – Wellbeing


Peter Anderson and Tony Fiedler – Relationships


Dave Kibby and Jacqueline Hollows – Business


Ian Watson and Rudi Kennard – Plenary Q & A


Jenny and Rudi Kennard – The Three Principles


Tony Fiedler and Peter Anderson – Wellbeing


Dave Kibby and Sheela Masand – Business


Sue Lachman and Steve Adair – Relationships


Katja Symons and Steve Adair – Wellbeing


Peter Anderson and Sue Pankiewicz – Relationships


Mark Jones and Jacob Rebien – Wellbeing


Jacquie Forde and Katja Symons – Relationships


Sue Lachman and Mette Louise Holland – Business


Gabriela Maldonado-Montano

If you want to be in the room with us for 2017 and experience that wonderful feeling, you can purchase your tickets now.  Early bird finishes end of July – we are so looking forward to being together again and celebrating life!