What is the VIVA event?

Who is the VIVA Event for?

The VIVA Event is for you if you believe in living and working with peace of mind and ease, improving the quality of your own and others’ lives and enjoying simpler and easier loving relationships.

Whether you are a practitioner, a health/well being professional, teacher or simply an explorer of life The VIVA event is a gathering for you.

VIVA offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in your pre-existing foundation of resiliency, buoyancy and compassion, becoming freer of the too-often experienced doubt, overwhelm and insecurity.

It’s a gathering where new bonds will be created, ideas cultivated and support available for anyone who is sharing the Principles or has simply felt the transformative nature in their own lives.

An event which reminds us of what and who we are at core – LOVE.  Inclusive, insightful, fun , high spirited.  An absolute must each year.

Denise Holland 
Denise Holland

Taste the elixir of LIFE!

Across three days there will be:

  • Plenary panel presentations
  • Breakout sessions
  • Group discussions led by individual speakers and panels
  • VIVA surprises (may involve Spanish dancing, singing and who knows what?)
  • Optional yoga each morning
  • Time to meet and build deep connections with fellow participants
  • Long breaks in the afternoon…

…Yes, most importantly, time built in to allow your insights to emerge and your mind to settle.

As Sydney Banks used to suggest …don’t think about this; don’t talk about it; go take a walk alongside the ocean… and let it all go.

Albir in Spain offers you just that opportunity. It is the perfect setting for you to go walk along the Mediterranean shore, bump into new friends, stop at a pavement café, explore the rugged mountain ranges within a guided group and take time to watch the world go by. You can soak up the sunshine, drink in the glorious sea air, and taste the elixir of LIFE.

You get to listen to and be a part of conversations that are very rare and very special.

Suzanne Hala 
Suzanne Hala

A gentle structure plus time, space and freedom…

Each day will begin with a presentation panel of speakers. We then have a further morning session that will include a choice of two or three breakout sessions, led by a speaker individually, or together with a co-presenter.

After the morning sessions you have freedom to do as you please – an opportunity to allow what has been shared to settle. What that looks like is of your own choosing: get to know people, wander into a pavement cafe, relax on the beach or by the pool, explore the lovely locality – there’s a great walk up to the lighthouse with fabulous views – the choice is yours.

The idea is not to cram you full of information, but to allow you the space to just see what happens. We have used this format on retreats in the past, and the feedback has been a gratitude for the time. The VIVA event is all about your wellbeing and we have planned it accordingly – we hope you agree.

The evening sessions will be a mixture of breakout sessions and surprises!

Three gentle, fun and deeply connected days to explore and continue to learn more about the essential single paradigm that facilitates a new foundational understanding of mental health and wellbeing.


This was my first time at VIVA. Everything exceeded my expectations. Organisation, beautiful Albir, good hotel, but most of all the lovely people sharing and listening. “Lovely people weekend” as someone called it. A strong feeling of openness and connection.

Marie Engel 
Marie Engel

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